Use Your Cricut Cutting Machine to Make a Unique Photo Thank-You Card

I needed to make a thank you card for the wonderful Linda Marshall who has a lovely skincare line called ELYSEE. She sent me flowers for my birthday. So I decided to make a photo card of the flowers so she could see how pretty they were. So I turned to the Cricut Cutting machine to help me out! Here’s the video of the project!

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Instant Photos are fun again with the Sprocket and real Rockets “Sneak Peak”

Remember the days of the instant Polaroid? (keep reading for the Rocket part…)

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 10.53.00 PM.png

Wasn’t it always kinda magical that a picture would slowly appear right on the spot?  Fast forward to 2017 and HP has brought the concept into this century with their nifty portable photo printer the Sprocket!

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 10.56.15 PM.png

The folks at HP let me loose with one over the weekend and me and my Sprocket had quite a busy and fun couple of days together.  How to sneak peek video here:

rocket and sprocket
Kennedy Space Center Atlantis Rocket Exhibit (go see it if you ever can it’s amazing)
A great feature is that you can plug it into your car charger and add some juice to the rechargeable battery.
With my good friends Donny, Sarah and Mona!
Goofing with my girlies Meredith and Christi!

What was the most fun was the reaction that everyone had to this cute little picture coming out of something that’s about the size of a deck of cards!

It’s super simple and we’ll be featuring it as our Today Special on HSN on May 5th starting at midnight.




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